Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Eats Her Own – And It’s GLORIOUS

Ashley (Kimber)

The Democrats have been telling us for YEARS that “white men” are the ENEMY.

That’s coming back to haunt them. Why? Because their top choices to run against Trump right now are all *GASP* straight white men.



Gillibrand was asked by CNN’s Van Jones about a poll from the network released this week that found that the top three candidates for the Democratic nomination were white men.

The poll showed former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) as the top three potential 2020 Democratic candidates.

“In a party as diverse as ours, does it worry you to see the top three being white guys?” Jones asked Gillibrand, herself a potential presidential candidate, in front of the live audience.

“Yes,” Gillibrand responded.

“I aspire for our country to recognize the beauty of our diversity at some point in the future and I hope someday we have a woman president,” she continued, when asked to elaborate.

“I love the fact that Barack Obama was our president for eight years, I hope more people of color not only aspire [but] win the presidency, because that’s what makes America so extraordinary, that we are all of that, we are everything, and I think a more inclusive America is a stronger America.”

Don’t believe she’d be dumb and racist enough to say this?

Watch her with your own eyes:

TRANSLATION: The most important thing about a person is the color of their skin. I love that Barack Obama was our president for eight years because he is black. He was raised by white people, but the COLOR OF HIS SKIN is really what matters here.

Hmm. That’s…racist.

Ok, but she’s a LADY, so she has enough victim points to be a good option.

Some call it “funny”…

I find it entirely depressing.

But of course… there’s a silver lining to remember. THIS is why Trump won. Because America is SICK AND TIRED OF THIS RIDICULOUS VIRTUE-SIGNALING CRAP.