Michelle Reminds Us She’s So Much Better Than EVERYONE

Ashley (Kimber)

Forget their ridiculous policies, insufferable relationship with the media, or constant lying.

I think the most obnoxious thing about the Obamas may just be their DELUSIONAL arrogance.

I mean, Obama won’t stop patting himself on the back for every single one of Trump’s accomplishments.

And Michelle? She wants you to know she’s smarter than all the “powerful” people.

She would know, right?

Because she’s such a genius that when she doesn’t know what people are talking about, it clearly means THEY are stupid.

“I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of, I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the U.N.: They are not that smart.”

Translation: I’m literally smarter than everyone.

…which makes them imbeciles.