“Who Is A Better President: Trump or Obama?”

Ashley (Kimber)

Will Witt asked people in Nashville, TN, “Who is a better President? Trump, or Obama?”

Some of the answers might make you laugh. Or vomit. Or cry. Really, it depends what mood you’re in.

Why do you think Obama is better than Trump?

“Obama is a human, and Trump is not.”

Duuuuuude. Really? That’s the best you could come up with? REALLY?

What’s your favorite thing that Obama did?

“I would say, ummm…I think he gave a lot of uuhhhh insight into a lot of communities and demographic areas that kind of have always been you know proportionately marginalized.”

Mmmhmmm. Yeeeeeah.

But don’t worry, folks. Things turn around at the 2:00 mark.