Newt Gingrich Reveals The TRUE Reason He Was At The White House

Hannah Bleau

Who will be President Trump’s next chief of staff? We can’t say for sure, but we have a new name in the mix: Newt Gingrich. He was recently spotted at the White House. While there are many reasons he could’ve been there, the timing caused people jump to conclusions.

However, Gingrich is denying that he’s a candidate. He said he went to the White House to…see Melania’s Christmas decorations.

“No,” he told Fox News. “As you pointed out, I went to the White House yesterday to see the decorations. We wanted to see what Melania had done.”

“Several reporters saw me … and that promptly jumped to, ‘Oh, are you being interviewed?’ No, I was actually just wandering around just looking at decorations. It was Christmas,” he said.

“I was there as an American citizen looking at one of the most famous of American buildings,” he continued.

Freakin’ Christmas decorations. He was looking at Christmas decorations.

He went on to say that Trump needs to pick someone who’s strong-willed. Otherwise, they’ll lose control of everything.

“He needs somebody strong enough to say no. This is a very strong-willed personality,” Gingrich said. “He will run over a weaker person, and they will rapidly lose control of the building.”

Very true.

The search continues.

h/t Washington Examiner