Mexico’s New President Shuts Down Southern Border

Ashley (Kimber)

Mexico’s new president is pulling some moves that might shock the Dems who keep screeching that “borders are racist.”

He’s shutting down his own.

According to Daily Wire:

While Democrats and Republicans battle over what to do about the United States’ southern border — particularly over whether to fully fund President Donald Trump’s signature project, a full-scale border wall — the newly elected Mexican government is taking drastic steps to curb illegal immigration in their own country, cutting off passage across their own southern border.

In a move that will likely shock pro-immigration activists, Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and his administration have agreed to close the border between Mexico and Guatemala, largely to prevent more migrant caravans from crossing into Mexico’s southern states.


In addition, the Mexican government is reportedly promoting a “Christmas at Home” campaign, the Washington Times reports, encouraging migrants already camping out at the U.S.-Mexico border to board free transportation back to their homelands so that they can spend the holidays with their families.

And when they get back, SORRY. Border’s closed. It’s actually not the worst idea. We’ll give you a ride home, but you have to stay there. It’s kinda genius.

The change in Mexican immigration policy seems to the be the result of two recent developments: one, a conversation that newly-elected President Obrador had with President Donald Trump, to discuss “migration and job creation,” according to the Toronto Star, and public opinion in Tijuana, where migrants are camped out at an official U.S. border crossing, waiting their turn to declare asylum and enter the United States as refugees.

Though his views are very different than mine, I actually really respect AMLO’s willingness to work with us.

AMLO, more than many international politicians, realizes he NEEDS America – and is willing to cooperate with Trump in order to meet shared goals.

As you know, the “migrant caravan” is hitting Mexico pretty hard, too:

Residents of Tijuana are having a difficult time handling the influx of refugees. The Guardian reports that conditions have gotten so bad that Tijuana residents have launched a series of protests, begging the government to consider native Mexicans first before providing aid to members of the migrant caravan. So far, migrants have been housed at a soccer stadium in town, but Tijuana residents say they are spreading filth and leaving garbage all over one of Mexico’s top tourist cities, making the town nearly uninhabitable.

The Guardian puts the count of migrants staying in Tijuana at between 3,000 and 7,000. The line to request asylum at an official border crossing is nearly 10,000 names.

Mexican authorities say they want to head off these types of problems, greatly limiting the number of people who can enter Mexico along its southern border. The Mexican government hasn’t specified how they intend to stop the migrant caravans, but one solution may be to direct all traffic from Guatemala into Mexico across a single bridge.

“In the south there will be only one entry, on the bridge,” one Mexican border enforcement agent told media. “Anyone who wants to enter illegally, we are going to say: ‘Get in line and you can enter our country.’”

HMMMM. Sound familiar?

Will American leftists now compare AMLO and his cabinet to NAZIS? Or is that privilege reserved for AMERICANS who don’t believe illegal immigration should go on completely unchecked?


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