Comey Said Some *Very* Interesting Things During His Testimony

Hannah Bleau

The transcript of James Comey’s testimony is out. The biggest takeaway? He said “I don’t remember 71 times, “I don’t recall” 8 times and “I don’t know” a whopping 166 times.

When he wasn’t pretending to have major memory lapses, he was dropping nuggets like this one.

Comey claims that the FBI never targeted Trump’s campaign. Rather, they were focused on “four Americans.” He admitted that some of the individuals targeted were somehow connected to the campaign, but it wasn’t the campaign itself, and it wasn’t Trump either.

“We opened investigations on four Americans to see if there was any connection between those four Americans and the Russian interference effort,” Comey explained. “And those four Americans did not include the candidate. At least some of them were. The FBI and the Department of Justice have not confirmed the names of those folks publicly, which is why I’m not going into the specifics.”

No specifics, sorry!

You should also know that Comey defended that anti-Trump weasel, Peter Strzok.

Comey said Strzok edited a letter sent to Congress days before the election disclosing the reopening of the Clinton probe, “So it’s hard for me to see how he was on Team Clinton secretly at that point in time. If you’re going to have a conspiracy theory, you’ve got to explain all the facts. And it’s hard to reconcile his not leaking that Trump associates were under investigation and his drafting of a letter to Congress on October 28th that Secretary Clinton believed hurt her chances of being elected,” he said.

Did he READ the text messages? What about the talk of the “contingency plan”? There’s no way you could read those and believe he wasn’t Team Hillary.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), asked Comey “Is there any need to further investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails based upon the decision that you made not to prosecute?”

“Not that I can possibly see,” Comey said. “There’s no serious person who thinks there’s a prosecutable case there. And so, not that can I see.”


Also, Comey would bet his life on Mueller doing things “the right way.”

“There are not many things I would bet my life on. I would bet my life that Bob Mueller will do things the right way, the way we would all want, whether we’re Republicans or Democrats, the way Americans should want,” he said.

I’m so sick of his holier-than-thou attitude. He’s the worst.

h/t Daily Wire