Army-Navy Football Fans Vs. NFL Kneelers

Ashley (Kimber)

Whenever I talk about NFL kneelers (which I am ADAMANTLY opposed to) I have some person (usually a liberal who has never met or spoken to a veteran in their lives) tell me that “Military people should support kneelers because they supposedly believe in American freedoms and if they don’t they’re just hypocrites.”

Many men and women in uniform have DIED for the rights of some entitled millionaire to spit on their graves, sure. Does that mean they support these ungrateful “heroes?”

No. No, it doesn’t.

The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill went to the Army VS Navy football game to find out what the fans think about National Anthem kneelers:

ONE chick DID say it was their “American right.”

And she’s right… but it doesn’t make it any less STUPID. That’s a pretty lopsided tally.

So… where there any kneelers at the Army-Navy football game?

No. Of course not.

GO ARMY! Beat Navy! (No offense, Navy. I love you, too. )