Who Are The ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters In France? PJW Breaks It Down.

Hannah Bleau

France is on fire. Protests over gas tax hikes have been raging, but what many reports don’t tell you? That particular tax hike is rooted in the fight against “climate change.”

FYI– I still find the term utterly absurd. The only consistent thing about the climate is change.

That’s the kicker. None of this is about fighting against climate change. It’s about altering, controlling and manipulating human behavior. It’s what globalists do best, and that’s what the protests are really about. Open borders. Globalism. The failure of progressivism.

And where’s Macron, AKA *the* world’s greatest beta male?

Who knows!

So, who exactly are those “Yellow Vest” protesters in France? PJW breaks it down beautifully.


PS– that Macron-Trump handshake still makes me uncomfortable.