President Trump Responds To Rex Tillerson’s Criticism With HARSH Tweet

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned earlier, Rex Tillerson spoke out against Trump, and it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

As I said then,  I think it’s pretty classless to talk crap about your former boss in such a public way, no matter WHO your boss is. The fact that his boss was the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES – and a POTUS who is mercilessly bashed and criticized for every little thing, makes it a lot ickier.

According to Fox News:

In a rare public appearance, Tillerson sat down with former veteran CBS News journalist Bob Schieffer during a fundraiser for the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Tillerson blamed his strained relationship with Trump on the fact they did not share a “common value system” and were “obviously starkly different in our styles.”

“When the president would say, ‘Here’s what I want to do, and here’s how I want to do it,’ and I’d have to say to him, ‘Well, Mr. President, I understand what you want to do, but you can’t do it that way. It violates the law, it violates the treaty, you know. He got really frustrated,” Tillerson said. “I think he grew tired of me being the guy every day who told him he can’t do that and let’s talk about what he can do.”

Saying you don’t have the same “value system” is basically just a shady way of saying “I’m a good guy, and he’s a bad guy.”

Tillerson also added fuel to the “Russia” fire:

During the event, Tillerson, who is from Texas, said there is “no question” Russia interfered in the 2016 election. He said the country seeks to “undermine our confidence and undermine the world’s confidence in us,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

Well, President Trump has responded… and it’s a lot to take in:


Ok, then!

I’m usually ALL ABOUT Trump’s tweets, but this one feels a smidge over the top to me.

I think his “Haha. I wish him well. Good luck to him.” smirk would have served him better here.