Michael Avenatti’s Divorce Finalized, And Holy Crap He’s On The Hook For A LOT Of Money.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Wow. Looks like somebody’s gonna have to start crowdfunding for Stormy Daniels some more.

According to the sourcelink, CPL has been ordered by a CA judge to pay Lisa Storie-Avenatti, his soon-to-be-ex-wife, $160,000 A MONTH.

That’s just under two million bucks annually, PLUS he has to give her their Ferrari, and part of his firm’s stake in their private jet.

I mean, maybe that’s all small potatoes to him, but STILL. YOWZA.

Here’s what’s amazing about this. Out of that 160k monthly, around 38k of that is for child support, and then almost 125k of it is SPOUSAL SUPPORT, which frankly I cannot believe is even still a thing. I thought women were strong and independent and didn’t need no man. Lisa apparently owns a luxury clothing business, so it’s not like she’d be out on the street or anything. They’ve been married only since 2011, so less than a decade. I loathe CPL with the fury, but it’s kind of ridiculous that he owes anything beyond child support for their one and only son together.

Don’t misread that as sympathy though. I am still giggling like a school girl over all the karma that’s coming his way.

These payments, by the way, are retroactive back to January of this year, which means if he hasn’t paid her anything to date, he’s almost 2 million bucks in the hole going into 2019. That’s why he has to give her their 2017 Ferrari 488 GT Spider, five super fancy watches (apparently there are a few that are worth 50k individually), some fancy sculpture they owned, as well as some other fancy art and of course the stake in the 2016 private jet, worth around $4.5 million.

During the divorce proceedings, Lisa had earlier reported that she and CPL traveled extensively, always stayed at 5 star hotels, and that she had “unfettered use” of credit cards which she charged 60-70 grand on every month (and paid off every month). Somehow, for their small family of three, they spent 20k monthly on groceries, which is more than my family spends on groceries in FOUR YEARS, plus another 12k monthly on nannies, and nearly 30k MONTHLY for “vacations, gifts and entertainment.”

Holy crap.

Anyway, that’s your latest CPL news. You’re welcome.

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