Former And CURRENT Liz Warren Advisers Speak Out About Just How Badly She Messed Up

Ashley (Kimber)

I kind of figured Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 hopes were snuffed out with that ridiculous DNA test stunt. She presented it as ‘proof’ that she had SOME native American ancestry. Anyone with a brain realized all it meant is that she was entirely full of it.

Well, the New York Times just published a scorching article in which anonymous current and former advisers of hers reveal that it was a big, big, BIG mistake:

How sweet of them to think there’s any way to come back from this, “strong statement of apology” or not.

One account from a former adviser called the entire debacle a “strategic failure” which was “depressing and unforgettable.”


But they’re not smart. In fact, they’re digging in their heels. They REFUSE to acknowledge the reality of this blunder are now ripping the New York Times for saying something they didn’t want to hear… all while bringing up how WRONGED Hillary was in 2016.

“Pangs of PTSD.” You know, because these people legitimately believe the NYT worked against Hillary to steal the election from her.

Is it? Is this at all related to her being a woman? Because I’d think we’d be just as relentless about a man who did the same.

LOL. I can’t.