Don Lemon Uses Gross Sexual Slang On Air, Immediately Tries To Feign Innocence

Ashley (Kimber)

Don Lemon is an entitled brat of a man, so it’s really no surprise that he has absolutely no respect for anyone, or anything other than himself.

This including his own peers and network (not that they deserve respect, to be perfectly honest.)

Wow. See, I didn’t know that term, but it’s pretty clear that Cuomo does. I’m not sure I’m buying Don’s excuse that he doesn’t, either. Who just uses slang they don’t know?

I did. I can confirm that is, in fact, what it means. Urban Dictionary had a very graphic definition you can read for yourself here.

Ryan Saveedra points out this is far from the first time he’s made a wildly inappropriate remark:

That’s really messed up.

I’m positive there are quite a few more examples of Lemon’s “professionalism” on display.

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