Alyssa Milano Manages To Turn Classic Christmas Story Into Sick Dig On Trump Admin

Ashley (Kimber)

Alyssa Milano is about as bad as it gets when it comes to celebrities who think their political opinions are relevant or important.

This Christmas season, she’s taken her Trump Derangement Syndrome to a whole new level. Unhinged Alyssa decided to turn “The Grinch” into some stupid story about Betsy DeVos and Title IX.

Prepare yourself for unhinged hackery of the highest order:

Oh, Alyssa. Just stop.

You’re really just making this hard on yourself. Why don’t you just take a deep breath and enjoy Christmas with your family like a normal person?

But if we’re going to use children’s stories to make political statements, Twitter user @Patriot_Musket did her one better:

School choice. HOW AWFUL.

Ok… that was good.

And then we’d all live Happily Ever After.