Something New Is Disturbing David Hogg, And He Doesn’t Realize How Ridiculous It Sounds

Hannah Bleau

I’m disturbed by the fact that David Hogg is still relevant.

Check out this completely ridiculous tweet.

Where on Earth did that come from? What is he basing that on? He literally grabbed that out of his rear. He’s trying to start something, because he’s bored. He just wants to be a whiny, divisive jerk for absolutely no reason. Not to mention that these police officers– the police officers he’s so “disturbed” by– are the kind of men and women who put their own lives on the line during, you know, school shootings. But BIG MEAN SCARY SOLDIERS, amirite?

Also, does he realize that he’s accidentally making the case for the Second Amendment again? You wanna know why a hostile takeover isn’t realistic? Because We The People are heavily armed.


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