Recent Photo Of Beyoncé And Ed Sheeran Sparks A Ridiculous Debate On Clothing Expectations Between Genders

Hannah Bleau

Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran performed together at the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 in South Africa over the weekend.

For some reason completely beyond me, some people are upset over the contrast of their attire.

You see, Bey dressed up with an attention-grabbing outfit, and Ed kept it casual, wearing jeans and a plain ol’ shirt.

Wait– HUH? She’s mad because we’ve “enabled” men to wear whatever the heck they want, no matter their status? NEWSFLASH! Women can do the same if they want. Do you seriously think Bey was wearing that outfit because she felt pressured? Please! She’s Beyoncé! What woman doesn’t love the opportunity to wear an incredible outfit? Generally speaking, men don’t like fashion as much as women do.

That aside, are we really going to ignore that fact that women compete with other women? Come on.

As you can see, people are pulling stuff out of the thin air at this point.

No? It’s representative of the fact that Beyoncé likes to dress up and Ed doesn’t.

What ever happened to these people’s “You do you?” mantra? I hate that phrase, but wasn’t that what they lived by before?

I’m just gonna leave this here: