Netflix Makes A $100 Million Move To Satisfy Subscribers

Hannah Bleau

On Monday, I received tragic news. Netflix was planning on removing “Friends” from its lineup starting Jan. 1, 2019.

Yes, I have a Netflix account still, and yes. Half of the reason I have it is so I can stream any episode of “Friends” anytime I want. When I heard the news, I called one of my sisters, and she was just as upset. (She uses my Netflix for the same reason.) “Friends” is just a feel-good background of life kind of show.

Our conversation went something like this:


Sis: “WHAT?”

Me: *still staring at the announcement*

Sis: “Are you going to tell me?”

Me: “Netflix is canceling ‘Friends’ next year!”

Sis: “NOOOO. What am I going to watch all year????”

Me: “There’s only thing we can do…buy all the seasons on…DVD.”

Sis: *gives look of pure disgust*

Not going to lie. It seemed kind of archaic to me too. I don’t want to have to GET UP and SWITCH OUT DVDS every time I want a different season! #FirstWorldProblems.

We weren’t the only two upset by this dumb news. Social media blew up.

Picture those kinds of tweets, times 1000.

Complaining worked. Netflix caved and agreed to pay $100 million to keep it streaming. It had been paying WarnerMedia $30M a year.


Crisis averted. Thank goodness.

I second that!