George W. Bush Slips A Piece Of Candy To Michelle Obama

Hannah Bleau

How did I miss this?!

As I wrote earlier, George W. Bush shook hands with the Trumps, Obamas and Carters.

I noticed that Michelle Obama was smiling really big, but I just figured it was because she has a special relationship with Bush.

I mean, remember Candy-Gate? Skip to the 38-second mark:

Word has it George W. Bush slipped her a piece of candy during his handshake today.

Can you even? I don’t care who you are or what side of the aisle you stand on. I need to see more of these moments. It does the heart good.

There are some people on Twitter trying to ruin the moment, but I’m not going to include their tweets, because they suck.

I loved Candy-Gate Part 2. Sue me.

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