To Readers And Listeners Of COTR Who Are Constantly Trying To Convince Us To Like Alex Jones…This Is For You.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

A few days ago, you might recall that I added a former commenter by the name of Tony to our Wall of Shame. If you missed that drama, catch up right here.

It’s like I tried to explain to Tony – I don’t mind if you’re an Alex Jones fan. Knock yourself out. But if you ask me why I’m not, and I explain to you that it’s because I think he’s a lunatic, then just accept that and move on. You don’t need to agree with me. But insisting that I haven’t watched enough of him to REALLY UNDERSTAND how great he is will get you nowhere with me, because I’ve seen enough of him to make me absolutely certain that I never want to see more.

Paul Joseph Watson? I could watch him all day long. I will never understand that partnership in a million years.

Anyway, a clever and competent reader sent me this video of Alex Jones, which solidified everything I’ve ever thought about Alex Jones. And listen – before you try to insist that this video is put together by someone who is clearly not an Alex Jones fan, I am perfectly aware of that. You could remove all the captions and commentary, though, and what you’d be left with is just clips of Alex Jones being as Alex Jones as I’ve ever seen Alex Jones be. And it’s why I maintain that he’s a lunatic.

Yeah. So that’s why I’m never going to sit through an entire Alex Jones show. Never. Ever.

Back to Tony for a moment. I think, if I’m going to dare to get inside of his head for a moment, that the point he was trying to make was that he thinks it’s bad for conservatives to rip on other conservatives because it simply fuels the Left. I understand that. I can’t stand that Candace Owens and Tomi Lahren are constantly spatting. It’s awful.

But there’s a difference between Candace and Tomi having disagreements about things publicly and forcing their followers to take sides, and conservatives separating themselves from insane lunatics, so as to not be grouped in with them.


I’m never gonna watch a full episode of Alex Jones’ show. The End.