Ana Navarro Attacks Eric Trump In Grossest Way Possible

Ashley (Kimber)

Ana Navarro is one of those liberals-who-pretend-to-be-conservatives-for-gigs I’m always talking about. Beyond that, she’s just a horrible person.

But let’s back up a few steps. George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, tweeted this:

As I’ve mentioned before, I just don’t understand this. I would never publicly bad-mouth my fiancé’s employer out of respect for him. I wouldn’t want to cause any drama or a headache that wasn’t necessary. This seems entirely unnecessary to me.

Eric Trump called him out on it:

Harsh words, but I agree with him. I think this is entirely disrespectful to the hard work – and historical election victory – his wife has been a major part of. Of course, Kellyanne has said she doesn’t CARE what George says publicly – and so it’s entirely their business and that’s that.

Well, Ana Navarro decided to respond with her claws out:

Wow, ok. So I have a question: Does Ana think it’s Eric’s fault his father cheated on his mother? Does anyone whose parents have cheated on each other not have a “right” to speak about disrespect?

What about Chelsea Clinton?

Right. Can you imagine the reaction if someone said the same about her?


His father cheated on his mother… so that means he’s not allowed to talk about respect? REALLY?

Right. She’s not capable of that. She just needed to say the nastiest thing she could think of.