Eric Swalwell Makes A Complete And Total Fool Of Himself… AGAIN

Ashley (Kimber)

You know how Democrats like to rip on Republicans for being “rich old white men?”

Well… Democrats are basically a bunch of “rich old white men”..and a few minorities and a chick with purple hair. Did I mention they’re virtually all OLD, ENTIRELY DELUSIONAL MILLIONAIRES? (yeah -there’s that.)

So, you know, Eric Swalwell is all kinds of proud of himself. (It’s been SO fun watching this doorknob “run for president.” He’s not quite AOC levels of derp – but he’s pushing it.)

AWW. Someone give him a cookie.

Additionally… I thought it didn’t MATTER what you looked like or what the color of your skin is?

I guess I was wrong. That’s ALL that matters to Dems anymore.

Uh huh.

Welp… don’t hold your breath for that one.