David Hogg And Pals Presented With An International Peace Prize

Hannah Bleau

David Hogg (along with other Parkland activists including Emma González) has been presented with the 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize. Archbishop Desmond Tutu presented them with the prize on Tuesday.

He praised the founders as “true change-makers” during a ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.

“The peaceful campaign to demand safe schools and communities and the eradication of gun violence is reminiscent of other great peace movements in history,” Tutu said. “I am in awe of these children, whose powerful message is amplified by their youthful energy and an unshakable belief that children can — no, must — improve their own futures.”

I’m in awe, but for different reasons. David Hogg and Emma González have done NOTHING to bring ANYONE together. Hogg’s been going around, accusing the NRA of liking dead children and generally saying stupid things

…and when González isn’t pretending that people with gun stickers on their cars want to attack her, she’s whining about Brett Kavanaugh.


Sorry guys. I understand the sentiment, but given the way they’ve handled themselves in the public sphere, it’s comical.

h/t The Hill