Hey Mainstream Media? You Covering Stories Like These? Or Are You Too Busy Whining About Your Toddler Acosta?

Daisy, Co-Founder

According to this, Kat Timpf – National Review and Fox News contributor – had to leave a bar, because some compaaaaaaaaasionate and toleraaaaaaaaaaaant liberal chick got wind of the fact that she worked at Fox.  And OMG SHE CAN’T BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS SOMEONE WHO WORKS AT FOX.  Her tolerance for diversity ends there.  Didn’t y’all know that about liberals these days?  They want SEGREGATION NOW.

And y’all remember that crap that Auntie Maxine said, right?

That’s right.  You push back on the conservatives.  They’re not allowed to have lives and eat and do things like go to BARS.  Are you kidding?  PFFFFFFFT.

That liberal chick was doing what Queen Maxine told her to do.  She was just carrying out her orders, dontchaknow.  Behold:

None of this is surprising, really.  Liberals are lemmings to their goverment Lord and Saviors.  And they’ve had several of these Lords and Saviors tell them that they need to be complete jackholes to conservatives.  You know, without ANYONE in the mainstream media pushing back on this.  Because conservatives are the meanies.

What was that Eric Holder told Democrats to do again?  Oh, that’s right.  KICK people.


Yep.  That’s what this “NEW Democrat party is about,” y’all.  All class.

And if you didn’t believe me, ask their darling back to back to back loser, Hillz (with added montage just for fun!):

Ah, Democrats.  You so crazy. No really.  Y’all have gone and lost your freaking minds.

But listen – it’s nice to know that CNN wants me to feel all sorts of sorry for Jim Manlet-Acosta for not getting his 15th question answered after he smacked down a 21-year old intern in a room that is a PRIVILEGE for him to be in (not a right, you ungrateful, no-talent, unprofessional hack).  Meanwhile, they can’t report Actual News.  And if Tucker Carlson was a liberal?  His story and stories like Kat Timpf’s would be covered ad nauseum….wall-to-wall on CNN.  That’s fact.

I don’t feel sorry for Jim.  I know middle schoolers who have more maturity than him, but I love how he’s such a huge helping hand in CNN’s tanking ratings.

Karma’s real, folks.