Prepare To See The Most Soyboy Picture In The History Of Soyboy Pictures

Hannah Bleau

President Trump is living proof that you can respect our allies but ALSO tell them where it’s at.

Meanwhile, some of our “friends” want the world to know that they’re BFFs forever– even in a world of Donald Trump. They will be the light! He’s not afraid to stand up for the United States, and I’m forever grateful for that.

I mean, that’s the subliminal message he’s trying to send, right?

It’s just the most soyboy picture in the history of soyboy pictures, and for some reason, people are into it.

I hate that crap. “Don’t give up on Americans just yet.” As if we did something wrong? As if we’re “going through” something? As if we’re shirking our responsibilities as the leader of the free world? SIT DOWN.


Me right now: