I Am Scared To Post This And Also Scared That I’m Scared Of Posting This.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So I was scrolling through IG the other morning as I was sitting across from Daisy in the studio waiting for our producer – it’s something Daisy and I often do – look at IG and show each other hilarious memes or pictures of dogs. It’s basically daily. Anyway, I came across a meme of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that made me laugh out loud, and I immediately showed it to her, and she immediately said she was gonna post it on our official IG page.

And you guys, you know what my immediate reaction was? It was to say “NO OMG IT’S TOO MEAN.”


It’s mean, sure, but it’s not like it’s a picture of some idiotic loser celebrity holding up Trump’s severed head or anything. It’s the kind of harmless meanness that is typical of memes that are super funny.

But that was my immediate reaction – to worry that it was too mean. And I HATE that PC culture has impacted me in that way. I shouldn’t give a damn, because it’s a harmless meme, but I’ve become unwittingly hypersensitive to what people get offended by these days. I watch people getting banned from social media or worse – losing their JOBS over absolutely nothing, and yeah. It has an impact. One that I wasn’t even conscious of until this happened.

Anyway, we haven’t posted the photo on IG. YET. Instead, we made a FB Live video to talk about it, and asked our followers to weigh in about whether they thought it was appropriate to post. There are hundreds and hundreds of responses, and while I think the vast majority indicate that we SHOULD post it, there are also plenty of people who say we shouldn’t. Take a look at the comments right here.

Anyway, judge for yourself. You’ll see the photo in the video below.

Where do you stand? Yay or neigh?