George Lopez Charged With Battery After Hooters Fight

Hannah Bleau

Man George. You gotta learn to keep your cool!

A few weeks ago, I told you about how George Lopez got into a fight with some Democrat who was making Trump references to him at Hooters. Lopez swiped the dude’s phone and grabbed him by the back of the neck.

The dude who got into it with George claimed he wasn’t trying to FIGHT with him. It all started because he simply wanted a selfie with him.

We spoke with the guy who Lopez grabbed by the neck in a shocking video taken at the wing joint in New Mexico. Sources close to George initially told us Lopez went off after the man had allegedly followed and egged him on all night with Trump references.

The guy in the video tells a different story, saying he only approached George at his table once that day to ask for a pic. He says George grabbed his phone and started filming his own crotch … but never hit record.

Welllllll…it’s still not over. Lopez has been charged with battery.

The cops questioned him after the incident. Lopez said he grabbed the man’s phone, because he didn’t want to be filmed. That’s what he’s going with.

Law enforcement sources tell us George will have to appear in court next month on a misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly roughing up a guy who tried filming him at a Hooters in October … as the comedian was leaving the restaurant.

George also told cops he believes the guy was trying to bait him by lying in wait at the front door and by throwing out “MAGA” jokes, knowing George is vehemently anti-Trump.

The officer says he informed George he’d be receiving a court summons for misdemeanor battery and that George was compliant.

Yowza. These dudes (yeah, I’m talking about you TOO, Baldwin) need to get a grip.

h/t TMZ