Stephen Colbert Stands Up For Tucker Carlson… His ‘Fans’ Lose Their MINDS

Ashley (Kimber)

What happened to Tucker Carlson last night was sickening. It was sub-human. That’s all there is to it.

Human MAGGOTS tried to pound down his doors as his wife was home alone. They threatened to pipe bomb her.

This is not a protest. This is an assault. EVERYONE should condemn this.

While Stephen Colbert and I seldom see eye to eye, his response was the only acceptable one:

Good. He’s right.

The responses… well, they’re gut churning:

I wonder if this guy would have a similar response to Don Lemon’s doors being nearly torn down by a mob of angry Conservatives. I have a feeling it would be a little different.

Good one. Nearly 500 people have “liked” this.

Oh. That seems to be a popular response for these people.


AND smart! Wow. These people are great at discourse.

This is what a legitimately sick person looks like.

Well, they tweeted about it themselves sooo….

Also nice racist bit there. This wouldn’t be a leftist freakout without some racism against white people, eh?

“He deserves the guillotine, some people chanting outside his home is light.”


I thought Hillary Clinton said these monsters would be “civil” again when they took back the house?

I guess she lied. SHOCKER.