Libs Are Accusing Sarah Sanders Of Tweeting A ‘Doctored’ Video Of Jim Acosta

Hannah Bleau

Here we go.

You know the story. Jim Acosta was rude to President Trump AFTER Trump answered his question, he refused to give his mic to a White House intern and the White House ultimately revoked his press pass.

There’s one really big part of the controversy. Some claim Acosta mistreated the woman who tried to take his mic away. Sanders tweeted this video out.

And now, a bunch of butthurt libs are accusing her of tweeting a “doctored” video. For real.

See for yourself.

PJW has responded.

There you have it.

I don’t think Acosta “assaulted” the woman. That’s ridiculous. He did, however, refuse to give his mic to her. He was rude to her AND the POTUS. That’s undeniable. I just can’t stand the double standard. If we switched out the actors (a Fox reporter with a lib POTUS), MSM would be all, “OMG he ASSAULTED her! Anti-women!!!!!”

You know it’s true. THAT’S what irritates me more than anything.