Jeb! Bush Sticks Up For…Jim Acosta?!

Hannah Bleau

Jim Acosta has been banned from the White House “until further notice” due to his cringeworthy display during Wednesday’s presser.

CNN thinks this a direct “threat to our democracy,” which just goes to show how completely delusional they are.

MSM is basically treating Acosta as some sort of marytr now, and he’s finding support in the most unlikely places.

For instance, Low Energy Jeb is extending his sympathy.

Did Jeb! and I watch the same exchange? Trump DID answer Acosta’s question. Acosta wasn’t satisfied with his answer and started acting rude, as usual. He thinks he’s allowed to treat Sarah Sanders and President Trump like crap when he doesn’t get his way. It’s not cool. Heck, it’s not professional.

And Jeb! wonders why he lost BIGLY in 2016…THIS IS WHY.

Exit question for Jeb: If you deliberately lie to the American people on a regular basis, what does that make you? A friend of the American people?