CNN Releases Statement On Jim Acosta’s BANISHMENT

Hannah Bleau

Jim Acosta acted like an inappropriate, entitled whiny WEIRDO during a press conference today. At one point, a female White House intern tried to take his mic away, and he pulled back. It was awkward and inappropriate and cringeworthy and every other name in the book.

There’s some debate on if Acosta really put his hands on her…

All I know is, if this “incident” occurred with different actors– like a CONSERVATIVE-leaning reporter during the Obama-era– all HELL would break loose. There’s no doubt in my mind.

CNN has responded to Acosta’s banishment by 1.) Accusing Sarah Sanders of lying and 2.) Declaring Acosta’s banishment a “threat to our democracy.”

Do they think too highly of him or what? Ridic.

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