Trashy Chelsea Handler Begs People To Vote While Wearing Nothing But Her Skivvies

Hannah Bleau

Democrats are getting desperate. They’re really nervous that the “blue wave” isn’t going to pan out the way they hoped, so they’re pulling out all the stops. They’re fearmongering (more so than usual), and feminists are contributing by getting naked.

“Smash the patriarchy and stop objectification!” but also “Look at me in nothing but a thong! Doesn’t this make you want to vote for Democrats?”

That’s essentially what Chelsea Handler decided to do.

What possesses a sane person to do that? Who wakes up and goes, “I’m gonna make a video telling people to vote…while showing my naked body in the reflection of my mirror”? Is that what “empowered” women do?

I guess it’s really not surprising. This is the same piece of trash who posted this in 2016:

Keep it classy, feminists.

It just goes to show– they have NOTHING. They have no policy positions. They have no moral compass. They have no relevant opinions. They have nothing but screaming, “We hate Trump!” naked.

h//t Daily Wire