Jim Carrey Makes Final Plea To Texas, And Ted Cruz Responds

Hannah Bleau

For some reason completely beyond me, Jim Carrey continues to give his political opinions in the form of nonsensical ramblings and dumb pictures. Here’s his latest “masterpiece.”

As you can see, Carrey depicts Cruz as a vampire, with brave Beto saving the day by exposing him to sunlight and ending him.

At least Beto is a hero in someone’s mind.

Cruz hit back in ~classic~ Cruz manner.

BAHAHA. Cruz doesn’t care. You can tell by that tweet that he thinks Carrey is a pathetic little twerp.

Carrey took it differently. He thinks he “rattled Cruz’s chain,” which is HILARIOUS. Any normal person can see that wasn’t the vibe in Cruz’s tweet. He thinks you’re pathetic, Jim. Get it straight.

I’m sorry…was that supposed to be a really good zinger? Try again, Carrey. I’m sure Ted will give you another chance. He’s cool like that.