Saturday Night Live Thinks Mocking Navy Seals Is Hilarious Now

Daisy, Co-Founder

I wrote about Saturday Night Live a bit ago, because I was reminiscing about when it was funny for about two seconds when folks like Gilda Radner was on it.

And then it went full suckage.  Because apparently, Lorne Michaels thinks it’s OK to mock war heroes.  And it’s especially funny coming from a guy who is famous for dating the donut-licking, America-hating pop singer with the fake ponytail who Bill Clinton ogled at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.  Yeah – y’all know the one.

Anywho, here’s the SUPER HILARIOUSLY KNEE SLAPPING bit they did on SNL last night, where this strung-out looking beta male gave us his “first impressions of the midterms” and made fun of a former Navy Seal who lost his eye fighting in Afghanistan – you know, so guys like Pete have the freedom to get up on a stage and mock real men like him.  I wonder if he’d have the balls to say all of this to Dan’s face?

Now that’s some television I’d actually watch.

Let’s face it – this is why Democrats totes love the show these days.  Because it’s a Republican-bashing gutter fest with zero class and less humor.  And that’s what the Democrat party has become.

When they go low…this is it right here, folks.

And it’s…So. Freaking. GROSS.