Feminist Weirdos Get Naked To Encourage People To Vote

Hannah Bleau

These are the same freaks who are offended by the patriarchy constantly “objectifying” them.

A bunch of weirdo feminists decided to encourage people to vote by getting naked. They’re calling their nude photo shoot “Grab Them By The Ballot.”

All normal people right now:

What kind of message is a fake ballot strategically placed over your ladyparts supposed to send? I don’t get it. They’re all “EYES UP HERE SICKO” but also “Look at this ballot covering my ladybits! Doesn’t it inspire you to vote blue?”

“With the #Metoo and #Wetoo movements and recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh there is much at stake in the upcoming elections,” the group stated.

“We are here to show the country these recent events have served to strengthen our resolve to bring about change within the system through exercising our right to vote. We aim to encourage voter turnout in the upcoming November elections,” they continued.

Some attorney named Dawn Robertson organized the photoshoot and said that she hopes the photos will “encourage women and marginalized communities to vote.”

How exactly does that encourage people to vote? “Oh yeah. Naked ladies. I should vote Dem.”

I’m just not following the logic on this one.

Feminism is garbage.

h/t The Blaze