American Airlines Employee Fell Asleep In Cargo Hold And Woke Up In A Different City

Hannah Bleau


According to this, an American Airlines employee fell asleep in the cargo hold of a Boeing 737 in Kansas City. He woke up about an hour later, only to realize he was in a different city– Chicago.

I know what you’re thinking. How on EARTH does one fall asleep in the cargo area of a plane and REMAIN ASLEEP during the duration of the unplanned flight?

The man was drunk out of his mind.

The employee — who wasn’t identified but who the airline said works for its Piedmont Airlines subsidiary — was intoxicated, said a source with direct knowledge of the incident, speaking on condition of anonymity.

American said that the man “inadvertently” fell asleep in the forward cargo hold on Saturday morning and was still inside when the jet took off. The cargo hold was heated and pressurized, and the man wasn’t injured, the airline said.

American Airlines responded to the incident.

“Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of the Piedmont employee,” American Airlines said. “He did not request any medical attention upon arrival in Chicago, and we are grateful that he did not sustain any injuries.”

Thank goodness! But let this be a lesson to everyone. It’s probably not a good idea to go to work drunk.

The man has been suspended.

He returned home on another American Airlines flight (not in the cargo).

What a day.

h/t NBC News