Man Charged In White House RICIN Attack

Ashley (Kimber)

Does anyone think it’s weird that we’re all OBSESSED with the nutjob that sent alleged “bombs” to Dems, but no one is talking about the nutjob that sent POISON-FILLED LETTERS to Trump, Mattis, and other top WH officials?

This is ALSO a big deal, folks. Why is it being COMPLETELY IGNORED?!


Anyway… a Utah man has been charged. And no one seems to care.

According to Daily Wire:

The man, a Navy veteran, reportedly confessed to law enforcement that he sent envelopes, stuffed with the threatening letters and “ground up castor beans” (which can be turned into ricin if the poison is extracted correctly), “to the president, FBI director, secretary of Defense and the chief of Naval Operations,” according to the Salt Lake Tribune, but pleaded not guilty to “five counts of mailing threats to officers and employees of the US.”

The FBI says the man “knowingly threatened to use a biological agent and toxin, specifically ricin, as a weapon,” even though he was not successful in extracting any actual ricin from the castor beans. He did confess to purchasing the beans and having sent the letters, according to the FBI’s probable cause statement that accompanied the charge

So he’s not much of a poison maker.

Doesn’t make a difference. He tried. He didn’t know he had failed in making ricin. ALL of the intent was there.

And much like the “mail bomb” wacko – this dude has a track record.

The suspect is well known to law enforcement. “According to Utah court records, in 2005, he was convicted on two counts of 3rd degree felony child abuse, a case that involved accusations of child-sex abuse of two girls. In 2008, [he] was convicted of attempted aggravated assault. He was released from prison in 2011.” He also had a history of threats, having called in a bomb threat to a local Air Force base in 2017, and sent a threatening letter to Utah’s governor the same year.

The Salt Lake Tribune says that early reports indicated both the White House and the Pentagon had received letters laced with ricin; the suspected poison was later found to be inert.

A mail sorting facility that screens letters destined for the Pentagon intercepted the letters destined for Mattis and the Chief of Naval Operations. A separate facility, operated by the Centers for Disease Control intercepted the suspected ricin-laced letters headed to the White House.

Complete and total NUTJOB.

Someone, please remind me why this guy is being completely and totally ignored, while Cesar Sayoc is on the front cover of EVERY MSM news outlet?

Oh, right. Because his targets were conservative.