Kanye West And Candace Owens Team Up For…Fashion?

Ashley (Kimber)

Earlier, I told you I about Candace Owens’ new ‘Blexit’ campaign.

What I left out (because I didn’t know about it yet!) is KANYE’s role in it.

The noted rapper turned fashion designer (seriously – his shoes cost as much as some of our rents) is collaborating with Owens’ new project:

Shirts and hats retail for between $25-$28, which isn’t bad when you consider Kanye is king of selling stuff that looks like ripped underwear for a thousand bucks.

My thoughts are this is less of a money making thing, and more a push to get their logo out. Free marketing.

According to Fox News:

Kanye West is throwing a literal hat into the political arena once again, this time designing a line of T-shirts and hats for a campaign dedicated to urging black voters in the U.S. to break away from the Democratic party.

The rapper and fashion mogul designed a series of clothing merchandise supporting “Blexit,” which seeks to not only convince black voters to change parties but shows the stories of those that have already. The designs debuted Saturday at the Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, a meeting meant to bring together conservatives in the black community.

Although West did not appear at the event directly, its Communications Director Candace Owens sung his praises at the event in spirit.

“Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colors, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West,” Owens, who west previously endorsed on Twitter, said (via Page Six). “[West] has taken one of the boldest steps in America to open a conversation we have needed to have.”


As I mentioned when I originally wrote about Candace’s campaign, I think it’s fantastic.

I do think she should be wary of selling TOO many products – as there’s always a concern it may come off as a money-making operation as opposed to a genuine political effort.

BUT before we get too critical – running websites and organizing campaigns takes MONEY. Writing content, hosting the website? These things don’t just happen for free. Believe me. I know a thing or two about that.