BRUTAL New Ad Shows Democrat “Walking In Nancy Pelosi’s Shoes”

Ashley (Kimber)

Ok… This new ad for California candidate Elizabeth Heng is BRUTALLY creative:


Is it bad that I mostly focused on how AWFUL that guy is at walking in heels? YIKES! (It’s not just a dude thing. I see chicks limp around in heels all the time. Which leads me to one of my biggest pet peeves: IF YOU CAN’T WALK IN HEELS, DON’T WEAR THEM. THERE’S NOTHING SEXY ABOUT A GIRL DRAGGING HER FEET LIKE LORD FREAKING BYRON.)

Anyway – this ad is hilarious. Which means people are FOR SURE gonna lose their minds about it.

According to Breitbart:

The ad, which seems to throw caution about “cisgenderism” aside, suggests that Costa is merely a stand-in for the unpopular House minority leader. Pelosi is determined to become Speaker of the House again if Democrats win.

The ad closes with Heng’s tagline: “Costa la vista, baby!”

As a reminder, “cisgender” is anyone who isn’t transgender. AKA normal people.

HEng said in a press statement: “We cannot allow leadership that operates based on what’s best for San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi when we have people right here in the Valley struggling to pay bills and fighting for access to water. It’s unacceptable.”

Costa, who represents the Fresno area and surrounding towns, is one of few Democrats in the Central Valley. He leads Heng in the polls — but only by single digits, making the race a possible flip for Republicans, depending on turnout.