Trump Calls Chuck And Nancy’s BLUFF

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned a while back, Pelosi said there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that could ever make her agree to the wall.

Reeeeally, Nancy?


This doesn’t make her strong. It makes her a stubborn old idiot. She claims to care about the “Dreamers.” How’s this – Amnesty for Dreamers who have no OTHER criminal record if we build the wall, guaranteeing no NEW illegal immigrants come in.

She gets amnesty for your favorite people, we get the assurance there’s not a NEVER ENDING STREAM of illegal immigration.

So…you care so much about immigrants? Why don’t we all compromise? You give a little, we give a little. It’s how this works, right?

It might not be the perfect solution… but it’s a start. Let’s start thinking. Let’s start having a conversation. No “side” will ever get 100% of what they want.

Those who ACTUALLY care about immigration issues should take note of Trump’s latest tweet.

Who is it that’s not willing to play ball? Who is it that’s putting politics over people?


They won’t call.