Nancy Pelosi Runs Her Mouth About Trump’s ‘Manhood Issue’

Ashley (Kimber)

Feeble ol’ Nancy was asked what she would do in exchange for the wall:

Reeeeally, Nancy?


This doesn’t make you strong. It makes you a stubborn old idiot. You claim to care about the “Dreamers.” How’s this – Amnesty for Dreamers if we build the wall, guaranteeing no NEW illegal immigrants come in.

You get amnesty for your faaavorite people, we get the assurance there’s not a NEVER ENDING STREAM of illegal immigration.

(I’m not saying this is what SHOULD be done. I’m saying this would be an answer I could live with.)

But nope. Nancy is SO committed to being a rock in Trump’s shoe, she’s not willing to compromise.

FINE, Nancy. Let’s see how this goes for you…

Oh, FFS.

If the wall is a “manhood” issue, then what is your tone-deaf determination to claw on to power with those sharp witchy hands of yours despite the fact your own party WANTS YOU GONE a “womxnhood” issue?

I’m sorry… It’s immoral to manage who comes in and out of your country? If anything, I think it’s immoral to subject new LEGAL immigrant communities to the crime and danger that comes with illegal immigration for YOUR political gain.

And tell MEXICO that border walls aren’t “something people do between countries.” They have a southern border wall, you dumb hag. They must be so immoral.

So when Trump said this back in June…

He was entirely right.

Oh dear GOD… we HAVE to keep the House.