News Anchor Resigns After Writing Post Defending Brett Kavanaugh

Hannah Bleau

It’s mostly over. Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed, thank goodness. None of the political schemes of the Democrats worked, and honestly, I STILL don’t think they’re done paying for what they’ve done. Republicans are ticked. They’ve energized our party to head out in November. I have a solid feeling about it.

At this point, we’re dealing with epic meltdowns. Liberals are showing their true colors, wishing rape on people like, you know, my fellow sister chick Ash. So much for being the party of women. I guess they’re just the party of women who think EXACTLY like them. If you step off of the thought plantation, they’ll laugh about the thought of you getting raped.


ANYWAY. Pro-Kavanaugh people are still getting a lot of push-back from the tolerant left. Take, for instance, this.

A California news anchor (he worked for the CBS affiliate KESQ-TV in Palm Springs) had to resign after posting the following pro-Kavanaugh spiel.

He later apologized.

I realize that he probably shouldn’t have said ANYTHING, because reporters are supposed to be impartial. HOWEVER, if he went off on a pro-Ford rant, no one would’ve cared. The station probably never would have suspended him. All would be well. THAT’S what annoys me.

h/t Daily Mail