Parkland Activist Thinks People With Gun Bumper Stickers Want To Attack Her

Hannah Bleau

I’ve tried to be understanding of the Parkland activist teens, but they’re SUCH judgmental know-it-alls. After Hogg said we wanted more dead children, all bets were OFF. I refuse to let them own the narrative.

A lot of the Second Amendment debate has fallen to the wayside, but Parkland activist Emma González is still trying to milk it for all it’s worth.

She thinks people with gun stickers on their cars want to attack her.

She pulled that out of thin air. NRA members aren’t running anti-gun people off the road. That isn’t happening. I don’t have an NRA sticker on my car (mostly because I don’t want to deal with the fear of someone keying my ride), but I assure you, I don’t want to run my political opponents off the road. I’m fairly certain the majority of gun owners are with me on that one.

Yep. She’s a victim of something that hasn’t even happened.

BTW– Variety asked her to explain the biggest public misperception about herself, and she used the opportunity to whine about people not realizing she likes men AND women.

“A lot of people say “dyke” in terms of negative statements against me,” she said. “Technically it’s for lesbians. I’m not a lesbian; I’m bisexual. I like guys and girls. There’s confusion with the fact that definition isn’t widely known. But it’s fine, I guess. We’ll get there.”

She’s not TECHNICALLY a lesbian. Get it straight.

Can you even? That’s her biggest worry. Well, that and pro-gun people running her off the road, which has never happened.