Parkland Activist Has DESPICABLE Take On Brett Kavanaugh

Hannah Bleau

No offense, but the LAST person I want an opinion from is Parkland activist Emma González. She’s all partisan all the time. She’s established herself as angry raging lib who wants to #resist and nothing more. She doesn’t actually care about having adult conversations. She made that abundantly clear in her latest tweet.

That’s the narrative now. Kavanaugh is a “privileged white boy.” Please ignore the fact that he’s worked his butt off to get to the place he is. No one handed that to him. He made that happen. He did the studying. He took the tests. He worked his way up. He established himself as a good judge. Because he’s white, none of that counts. If you’re white and disagree with a liberal, you’re privileged.

I’d also like to address her second remark about Kavanaugh acting “immature.” Emma and her nasty friends have been MOCKING this man– this INNOCENT man– for showing emotion. Keep in mind that many of those women are the SAME women who incessantly shriek about “toxic masculinity.” If someone has falsely accused you of something, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SHOW EMOTION. Why are they mocking that? Imagine how that must feel. Imagine that someone falsely accused you or YOUR father of sexual assault, and the ENTIRE NATION jumped on it. How would you respond? I’m telling you right now, a righteous indignation would rise up inside of you. You’d weep as you try to explain this to your children. You’d desperately try to clear your name.

But in today’s world of feminist idiocy, if you’re accused, you’re as good as guilty. That’s a really sad place to be.

Evil– yes, I’m using that word and I MEAN it– people are tarnishing this man’s reputation, and their reason for doing it is even MORE evil.

This all circles back to abortion. Rabid feminists don’t want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, because he’s pro-life, and they want to freely murder babies without question forevermore.

Maybe I should give Emma a pass, because she’s young and dumb, but the older ones of her ilk? They’re evil.