Caught: Revealing Photo Shows Dianne Feinstein BULLYING A Republican Senator

Hannah Bleau

Dianne Feinstein– the 85-year-old ringleader of the orchestrated effort to destroy Brett Kavanaugh– is now claiming that Republicans went into the hearings Friday without intending to ensure a fair process. Yes, really.

That’s rich, considering that Feinstein had this letter for months and DELIBERATELY sat on it. As a handful of Republican senators pointed out Thursday, Kavanaugh went behind closed doors for private questioning with these senators, and NOTHING about these allegations came up. Feinstein went into this without intending to give Kavanaugh a fair process. She wanted her friends to declare him guilty– no questions asked– and they did. They’re delighting in ruining the reputation of an innocent man. Yes. I say innocent because NO ONE can corroborate Ford’s story. There’s NO PROOF that he’s guilty of this. When he shouted, “I’m innocent of this charge” during an exchange with a Democrat senator Thursday (I can’t remember which one it was), I wanted to cry.

I believe him. There is no doubt in my mind.

Feinstein is a crooked old bully. This is simply a reminder of that. Check it out:

Look at that. Look at Feinstein’s demeanor.

It looks like she’s trying to bully Murkowski (one of the iffy Republicans we worry about). Can you IMAGINE if the roles were reversed? Think about what the reaction would be if someone snapped a photo of a Republican striking a power move on a female Democrat senator. The HORROR. The left would be all, “WOW LOOK AT THIS SEXIST INTIMIDATION TACTIC WOWOWOWOWOW. #RAPE.”

You know it’s true. But since it’s Feinstein doing this, it’s fine. Everything is fine. She’s allowed to act like a raging sea beast.

As you were.

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