Bad News For Ashley Judd

Mockarena, Co-Founder

According to this, a federal judge has decided Ashley Judd doesn’t have a sexual harassment case against Harvey Weinstein, and that part of her lawsuit has now been dismissed.


Essentially, the judge, Philip Gutierrez, decided that the law that Ashley Judd was suing Weinstein under doesn’t apply to the business relationship she had with him. But he was cool with the defamation claim part of the lawsuit – the part which describes Weinstein calling Ashley Judd a nightmare to work with. That part of the suit is a go.

Question. Is it really defamation if it’s true?

But the sexual harassment part? The judge says it has to be “amended” if she and her lawyer want to “revive that section of the lawsuit.”

I am not sure what any of that means, except that it sounds like it’s not good news for Ashley Judd, because her lawyer has more work to do.

PS. I wonder if Ashley plans to sue Jason Patrick next, seeing as how he called her lazy, selfish and arrogant. Or maybe she’ll sue Ned Beatty, who said she “didn’t have a lot of tools” as an actor, and that she basically faked being injured on set.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how Ashley’s suit gets amended. Stay tuned.