Settle In, Y’all. This Wall Of Shame Story Is A DOOZY.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

It has been a reeeeeeally interesting 24 hours or so.

It all started with a FB live video that Daisy and I made yesterday. And actually, it started a few weeks ago, when I told Daisy about a pair of shoes I ordered that I had customized with pictures of my dogs’ faces on them. She made ALL KINDS OF FUN of me, and said that when they arrived, we were going to do a video about them so she could mock me in front of all of our followers.

I am a good sport about these sorts of things, so I was game. And so we made this video on FB Live after yesterday’s show.


Anyway, if you watched that video, then you know that there’s really nothing objectionable about it. To the disappointment of many, apparently, we didn’t Actually Show Our Boobs. It was just a silly video about my new dog shoes.

Fast forward to this morning.

I come to the office this morning, and I’m looking at our FB page, and I noticed that our dog shoes video had amassed over 1300 comments, which completely cracked me up. So I start scrolling through them, and I find a comment from a woman with a familiar name. It took me a second, but I recognized her name and realized that she’s a woman who I used to be friends with waaaaaaaaaay back in the day. We were both race crew wives, and hung out at various events and races and we’ve got pics together and whatnot. I wouldn’t call her a close friend, but I’d certainly have included her in my Actual Friends list in the early 2000s. We’d lost touch several years ago, except for via Facebook, and in fact I noticed several years ago that she’d unfriended me for reasons she never gave me. And then I sort of forgot all about her.

But apparently, y’all, she didn’t forget about me.

Check out this comment she wrote in response to our dog shoes video.

What. In. The. Holy. Hell.

First of all, my name isn’t spelled like the Merriam Webster dictionary, and I’m not sure if she thought that was a clever insult or just genuinely can’t spell.  Secondly, there is literally nothing gross about that video, and nothing disgraceful.

At first, I just figured I’d ban her from the page and move on with my life, but when Daisy arrived to the office and I filled her in, she was all, “OH NO SHE DI’INT” and insisted that we make a whole new FB live video about it. Which we did.  And we included Producer Rob too, since he walked in while we were talking about it.

After we posted that, we had to go do our show, but you guys, in between segments, I discovered that Stephanie had responded, and a whole bitchy conversation ensued. I’ve blurred out her name and the names of others who commented here, but you can see everything uncensored at this link.

You’ll notice that my initial comment to her was pretty tame.  In fact, it was, contrary to my normal behavior, VERY MATURE.  But she doubled down in a way that was absolutely shocking to me.  Shallow and two-faced?  SERIOUSLY?  I’m not the one who defriended her without every bothering to tell her what upset me in the first place.

So at that point, IT WAS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

At this point, I posted two photos of the two of us together, hugging and cheesing it up for the camera, like friends do.  You can see those, if you’re so inclined, using the same link I posted above.

And if you want to view the FB comments on the FB live video we did in our office with Rob, that link is right here. 

The platform comment, as nonsensical as it was, becomes much clearer in a moment.  Stay tuned.

At this point, Daisy jumped into the mix.

After that, I had errands to run and things to do, but once I got home, I decided to look her up on FB to see if I could tell from her personal page if in fact I was right about her deciding to hate me purely because we disagree politically.  And here’s what I found right at the top of her page.


Here’s why it’s even funnier than you’d think.  Waaaaaay back in January of 2013, when we got an explosion of publicity after Todd Starnes posted about FB censoring us, some liberal chicks decided to be complete copycats and start their own FB page capitalizing on our name.  It was irritating, and we started a separate one to make fun of their unoriginality.  This started like a week-long war between us and the women who copied us, but as we do with most hater-trolls, we forgot about them pretty quickly and moved on with our lives.

(SIDE NOTE:  Try going to right now.  Cool, huh?  We did that when we first started our website ALMOST 10 YEARS AGO, because we were smart enough to know that there’d be idiotic copycats with no originality who’d try to suck off our branding.)

But Stephanie has now reminded us of the existence of that copycat FB page, and when I looked at their page, I laughed at two different things.  First, they’ve managed to scrape together only 17k followers in FIVE YEARS.  Second, check out these comments on their Posts By Others section:

That screenshot includes the COTL page WE started (and which we never did anything with).  But HUH?  She reported us?  For what?  Using our own freaking brand??  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA OK.  Yes, please “squash the lies” that are coming from the copycat page you follow, Ann.  That would be great.

And there was this too:

No, it WON’T do any good.  FYI.

Anyway, the fact that this Ann person mistakenly thinks that we have somehow done something untoward to the copycat page, coupled with the fact that Stephanie wrote the incomprehensible sentence, “You are out of using others as your platform” line, made me think that maybe Stephanie believes we stole the Chicks on the ____ idea from the page she just pledged 110% of her support to, too.

Just a hunch.

In any case, since she proved that my suspicions about her reason for unfriending me were true, I responded to her original comment on our video as follows:

Liberalism is a mental disorder.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that they’re the open-minded and tolerant ones.  They’re not.  They’re Stephanie.

And she can suck it. 🙂



This chick is completely off her rocker, because there was never any legal action.  That is a flat-out lie.  And there’s really nothing we can do to “destroy” her and her implication otherwise is just perfect proof of her total lunacy.  We don’t have “professional help” running our page.  The storm she needs to weather is one she’s imagined.  She thinks SHE has trolls?  She couldn’t survive a single DAY looking at our inbox.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.  Period.  The End.  Holy crap.