Colorado Cops Suspended For Leaking Footage Of Denver Mayor’s Son Acting Like A CLASS-A DOUCHE

Ashley (Kimber)

Nothing INFURIATES me more than a “Do you know who I AM / Do you know who my DADDY is” douchebag?

I don’t know, and I don’t care. You are not entitled to special treatment. Now shut your mouth and SIT DOWN.

Well… Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, apparently thinks he’s a special little flower with special little flower rules:

The guy starts yelling RIGHT OFF THE BAT… because how dare ANYONE pull HIM, the PRINCE OF DENVER, over?!

Jordan Hancock: My dad’s the mayor you (bleep.)

Police Officer: Mayor of what? Denver?

Flower Princess Special Boy: Yeah, exactly, don’t worry about it (bleep.)”

Umm… wtf does THAT mean? Don’t worry about WHAT?

Police Officer: Well, you’re in Aurora bud. He isn’t the mayor of Aurora.

Jordan Hancock: Yeah, exactly, well guess what, I’m about to get you fired you (bleep.)


Is it a tick?

Anyway… kudos to the cop for staying cool. I would have wanted to punch him.

But yeah… I guess the video was “prematurely leaked” …so the cop’s been suspended.

According to this: 

Two Colorado cops were suspended Wednesday for their involvement in leaking body camera footage of the Denver mayor’s son threatening an officer as part of an expletive-laden outburst.

Aurora police officers Paul Timmons and Judy Gurley-Lutkin received a one-day suspension after the department found they were involved in prematurely leaking the video of Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, FOX31 reported.

As for pulling him over to begin with? They were totally right to do so.  He was going 65 in a 50 mph zone – so 15 over. That’s definitely pull-over worthy speeding, in my book. (And you know… in the law’s book.)

He got all crappy when he got called out for driving without his license.


Hancock told McClendon, “Because that’s my motherf—ing dad,” when the officer asked why the title of the car was in the name of Denver’s mayor.

He became even more agitated when McClendon said he needed to take a photo of the 22-year-old because he was driving without a license. The officer had already processed a speeding ticket.

“You ain’t taking my picture,” Jordan said. “B—-, my dad’s the mayor, you f—ing f—–,” he told the officer.

The police department found no wrongdoing by McClendon. Internal affairs, however, did find McClendon showed the body camera footage to Timmons, who recorded it with his cellphone and played it to Gurley-Lutkin. The officer then showed it to her husband.

So the cops each got suspended for a day.

My take?

It was TOTALLY worth it just to out this punk as KING DOUCHELORD.