Mexican Restaurant Under Fire For Serving AG Jeff Sessions

Hannah Bleau

According to the left, Mexican restaurants shouldn’t serve you if you’re against illegal immigration. I mean, that’s honestly the attitude they have these days, which is presumptuous on their part. They just ASSUME that Mexicans– who may or may not own a Mexican restaurant (believe it or not, ANYONE of ANY race can own a Mexican restaurant)– are ALL FOR open borders.

Way to jump to conclusions, chumps.

Long story short, Attorney General Jeff Sessions dined at El Tiempo Cantina prior to giving a speech on the dangers of illegal immigration. Apparently, that’s contradictory. You cannot– under ANY circumstances– enjoy tacos AND condemn lawlessness. It’s triggering and contradictory! Sessions went to this authentic Mexican restaurant, only to speak to a crowd of people and say, “This should be obvious: If we want to reduce violent crime we should reduce illegal immigrant crime. If you’re not prepared to lock up dangerous criminals to protect the public, you’re not fulfilling your responsibility.”


There was quite a bit of backlash on social media, especially since Sessions posed for a photo with one of the staffers (or cook? Manager? No idea). But it happened, and people FLIPPED out. I saw one dude who was all, “I have a gift card to El Tiempo Cantina- Navigation/El Tiempo Cantina- Westheimer/El Tiempo Cantina- Montrose: DO YOU DELIVER TO CHILDREN IN CAGES??

La Mexicana’s general manager Zulema Gonzales ultimately told the Houston Chronicle that he didn’t know why Sessions chose this place, but they’ve served people on the “other” side of the aisle, like Justice Sonia Sotomayor. But that clearly doesn’t matter. We’re now at a point where #resisters expect restaurants to explain why they’re serving paying customers they (liberals) don’t like.


h/t The Hill