Yiiiiikes Look At Lance Armstrong’s Face, You Guys.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Holy mother of ouch.

According to this, Lance Armstrong, famous for surviving testicular cancer, riding bikes really well, being engaged to but never marrying Sheryl Crow, ruining his own career by taking a bunch of performance-enhancing drugs and being kind of a jerk about it, took a tumble off of his bike in Colorado earlier this week, and this was the result (courtesy of his IG page):


He’s fine, after visiting the ER, and he goodnaturedly joked about the trail trying to kick his ass. So far, he hasn’t posted an “after” pic of what he looked like after treatment, but my guess is that he looks kinda like he does in the pic above, only less bloody.

You’re welcome for that fascinating, expert analysis. 🙂

Also, he’s kinda starting to morph into Bill Nye.  Anyone else see it?