Ohio State Wrestler RECANTS Accusations Against Jim Jordan

Ashley (Kimber)

One of the former Ohio State Wrestlers who accused Jim Jordan of knowing about sexual abuse being perpetrated by a university physician during his time as coach is COMPLETELY changing his tune.

According to Daily Caller:

“At no time did I ever say or have any direct knowledge that Jim Jordan knew of Dr. Richard Strauss’s inappropriate behavior,” Mark Coleman, a former MMA fighter who wrestled at Ohio State when Jordan coached there, said in a statement.

“I have nothing but respect for Jim Jordan as I have known him for more than 30 years and know him to be of impeccable character.”

I’m thrilled to hear this. I have SO much respect for Jim Jordan as a politician and sincerely hoped the allegations weren’t true…

But this goes DIRECTLY against what Coleman has “said” before:

Coleman told The Wall Street Journal on July 5 that he believed Jordan knew about Strauss’s behavior.

“There’s no way unless he’s got dementia or something that he’s got no recollection of what was going on at Ohio State,” he said.

“I have nothing but respect for this man, I love this man, but he knew as far as I’m concerned.”


Something in the milk isn’t clean… and it MIGHT have something to do with Mike DiSabato, a “sports marketing executive who has sued Ohio State University in the past.”

“Mike DiSabato and his PR representative have released information and made statements publicly without my authorization and, in my opinion, are using them to exploit and embarrass The Ohio State University,” Coleman said in his statement.

“I am distancing myself from Mike DiSabato as he is not my manager and does not speak for me. I am also disappointed with many of the public statements made by Mr. DiSabato and his personal attacks on individuals employed by the university and others.”

However, while he’s backtracking on Jim Jordan’s involvement or knowledge of the situation, he maintains that he was a victim of sexual abuse.

“I was a victim of Dr. Strauss and like many others, I wish to cooperate with the investigation to see that whatever justice is available is achieved.”

Wow. This really, REALLY makes you wonder…