David Hogg’s Tweet About Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Is CLASSIC HOGGWASH

Ashley (Kimber)

It might as well be SPACE FORCE DAY – because it’s what all the cool kids are talking about.

VP Pence made some pretty exciting announcements.

We got this email with potential logos. (All which aren’t NEARLY cool enough, if I do say so myself.)

And well, this tweet:

This is my favorite Trump tweet ever. I’m not even kidding. I freaking LOVE it.

Anyway, Lil’ Hogg decided he has a problem with SPACE FORCE (because he has a problem with EVERYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with Trump.) so he pulled THIS lil’ nugget out of his hogg-a$$:

…WTF, dude?

Also, I LOVE that any time Trump does ANYTHING the libs pull the “OMG DISTRACTING FROM RUSSIAAAAA” when literally ALL the Russia thing is, is a DISTRACTION, manufactured by the left, from what actually matters.

I know, right? This is beyond parody.

Wait, wait, wait… you didn’t expect him to actually READ the treaty, did you?

Yeeeeah. Lil’ Hogg does that. He thinks it makes him sound like a big boy.

I guess he’s tired of protesting guns. NOW HE’S GONNA PROTEST ROCKETS.